As you may know, all my websites are hosted by Hostinger. You’ll see their banner somewhere on this post and just so you are fully aware if you click on it, it connects to my affiliate link, by which I might eventually earn a few cents. Hopefully. Well today, for some reason I went somewhere in my hPanel that I don’t often go and I discovered a huge change. In the auto-installer, which is what you use if you want to install a Content Management System [CMS] on your brand new website. I am used to seeing a whole page full of choices, wordpress, joomla, and many others.

Now it is limited to four.
WordPress [WP] of course, is possibly THE most popular CMS.
Woo+WordPress The new kid on the block.
Joomla which I know nothing about.
Other Which opens a search window where you can search for some other CMS than what you see. This is also new

Woo Plus WordPress

WooCommerce plus WordPress. This I just had to see. A bit of investigation revealed that it would be better named WordPress plus Woo. Turns out it is a CMS that comes preconfigured to be WooCommerce friendly. Of course, being interested in e-commerce I had to look further into this so I hustled off and created a subdomain and installed W+W on it.

It didn’t work at first and there was something weird about the URL. So I searched around in Help for a bit found nothing, then I clicked on the chat support button. Lo-and-behold, after a short wait a human came on. After a short discussion, the problem was solved and the site is working.

In the website dashboard, it all looks pretty much like a typical WP install. the first surprise was when I went to look at plug-ins, right above plug-ins on the menu is Widgets, something I don’t usually see.


Another surprise when I click on Widgets. I am greeted by a tutorial in a popup window. Just the thing for someone building their first website.

A pleasant greeting when working with something new.

Turned out to be a nice informative addition. Four brief pages that say quite a lot. Below is the last page.

Last page of tutorial. Note the link to more detailed information.

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